Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Hello Everyone,
We have moved the blog over to our brand new website....
Go to the home page via the link below and click on the knitted candle!
The old blog archive has been moved there also so you can still look up old posts....
We hope you like our new website...it has lots more information, plus events, lists of the artists we show plus a new on-line shop....which we are adding to all the time.
see you there!



Anonymous said...

I expect I am the only person who cant find the new blog. I pressed the home button and couldn't find a knitted candle. What is the full blog address? I wanted to send it to someone in the USA.

Love M

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has found it: it is necessary to press the prickyourfinger web site rather than home page. The candle then pops up: quite exciting.

Love M

Anonymous said...

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